Richemont reported a strong set of results for the 2019 financial year, with group sales increasing 27% to €13.989 million from €11 million in 2018

Richemont reported strong growth for the 2019 financial year, with group revenues increasing 27% to €13.989 million from €11 million in 2018.

It’s a group with a very high potential that could further expand its turnover. And Reputation.

Because just making money is not enough in our time.


– Balancing the hard luxury with the acquisition of luxury leather goods brands 

– Re-thinking and evolving and constantly improving the business 

– Creating a full Richemont luxury experience for stakeholders and customers, outside Switzerland. Conquer the world! Why leaving all the space to competitors?

– Developing more storytelling other than just finance and organization news aka We Want to Dream!

– Developing a Purpose. For the Group.

– Same pay with #nogendergap. Do you know that the only top executive woman in the Board is payed less than half of the average of her men colleagues? #womenleadership

– Being relevant outside the “connoisseurs” and “collectors” field. 

– Shifting from a “Male club mindset” to a “Luxury Community” of people.

– Paying more attention to Women. From employees to customers. And to their customer journey!

– Welcoming women as CEOs and top executives. Because they improve the Business!


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