Business of Fashion recently published a post on influencers activities saying that “the land of sponsored posts and freebies I still very much about the Wild West without a clear sheriff, but social media companies may ultimately have the biggest interest in keeping things clean”.

Influencers are a  new generation of entrepreneurs who became both the new media as well as the new retailers for fashion and luxury brands.

Highly criticized from some press and regulators, they are accused to be a living advertising, to be paid for wearing products, for attending events and for showcasing their own life as a luxury store shelf.

But, what about the fashion press?

Most of them do intensively use social media.

Most of them have travel and stay paid by brands for their events, are invited to the most stylish restaurants, receive the same “gifts”, wear the same branded clothes and accessories and publish the same pictures and the same hashtags of the influencers.

They fly with private jets hired by the brands, they enjoy “experiences”, they live the same moveable feast and they collaborate to collections development.

Is the #ad label valid only for influencers? Why?

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