Antoine Arnault is one of the key top executives in the luxury world. Raised up by a father, Bernard Arnault, who is a titan of the industry and a great visionnaire himself, Antoine dedicated his efforts in learning the best way to work as a second generation in command. Speaking a few weeks ago at the WWD Apparel and Retail CEO Summit he said “We manage longevity”. Longevity is a key word for luxury. It means that companies should tightly hold the reins of their Brands and drive them into a very delicate evolution that, as Remo Ruffini Moncler CEO also stated, means taking care of the existing customers and conquering the new generations. Always being true to themselves. Longevity means making daily maintenance to the Brands and keeping them on the successful road without becoming slaves of the insta-trends. It’s the challenge to keep alive and kicking an established brand without spoiling it turning it into a victim of passing fancies. It’s a big responsibility and it’s a great statement. Because it means focusing on nurturing prestige and excellence of powerful Brands instead obsessing for the unlimited short term profits hunger. The industry should be thankful for this mindful way of managing heritage

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