10 insights on the philosophy of the mastermind behind the first #luxury group in the world 1. “The man himself is deeply private”. No need to show off. 2. “I always liked being number one. I told my team we will build the first luxury group in the world” (Michael Burke was among his closest aides since … Leggi tutto

A few days ago Equita, the independent Italian investment bank, disclosed an interesting analysis on Kering: – Rating “buy” – The stock trades at 16x times earnings vs the 24x times of the competitors for 2020 – Return on invested capital is higher than peers thanks to increasing profitability due to past years Gucci relaunch – Gucci has … Leggi tutto

Yesterday LVMH reported +16% revenue growth, with an organic growth of +11% Best performing category is the #Fashion & Leather Goods with a +20% growth. Louis Vuitton saw the notable growth of all its categories, supported by the refurbishment of key stores in Florence, London, Monaco and Shanghai. It also opened a new leather factory in France employing … Leggi tutto

Jean-Marc Loubier, former top executive of LVMH, acquired Belgian bags brand Delvaux in 2011 with other partners. The brand revenues were around 10 million euros and the sales were 97%  located in Belgium. Eight years later the brand turnover is between 100 and 200 million euros and 90% of it is outside the mother country. … Leggi tutto

Gilles Lipovetsky Some years ago I attended a Richemont internal conference in Geneva. I was marketing director of one of the group brands. I was smart and curious as well as shy and introvert. Seating on the shuttle from the hotel to the conference place, I noticed a man getting in the bus and asking if a … Leggi tutto

As per the McKinsey & Company “State of Fashion 2019” next year won’t be easy, and the consulting firm calls for an urgent awakening all the fashion brands.The document is very interesting and insightful, and quite scary.Competition is getting harsher, markets won’t grow enough to host the industry wishful growth.But…are fashion brands ready to wake … Leggi tutto

Dear Mister Johann Rupert, I read the amazing interview of yours to Nick Foulkes on FT Weekend. “So long as there is love and passion, there will be luxury jewellery” you said. Very inspiring. And you also created a Foundation supporting artisans and craftsmen as well as the Laureus Sports for Good. You were disappointed by … Leggi tutto

My new article on Luxury Society is about the trend of the season and how it can help top executives thrive in the management of a luxury brand! https://www.luxurysociety.com/en/articles/2018/06/garden-new-black-fashion/

Bottega Veneta is the luxury brand of Kering group, clearly grown with the objective of representing the Hermès approach inside the Group. Everything was perfect at the time of Bizzarri management, Tomas Maier creative direction, Francesca Bellettini heading merchandising and communications. Revenues growth were carefully managed and the brand was a queen in the group. … Leggi tutto

One of the most often used word by marketers is “disruption”. The second most used probably is “digital”. It seems that disruption is a must for a brand willing to stay in the market and rock. And, even more, it seems that digital disruption is the only way to be successful. It isn’t always like … Leggi tutto