Why #fashionbrands are so obsessed by the #SiliconValley model? Once fashion was all about disruption and innovation.  Take Mary Quant. Coco Chanel. Giorgio Armani.  They galvanized social change through their brands.  Fashion has always been ahead of times, of lifestyle, of way of thinking. Because it put creativity at the service of the society. Today Brands analyze social trends and … Leggi tutto

You are not in the digital assets. Not even in the stellar growth or disruption in creativity. You are not a need a company can discover when stagnating. Not an objective a CEO can impose from above. Nor creating “shadow cabinets” of Millennials to inspire closed minded executives. You are not hiring Generation Zers. Not … Leggi tutto

Once upon a time there were Italian regions mastering the art of wine-making. Tuscan was one of them. Chianti was the Place. And Sangiovese was the grape. But Rebels break the rules. And a bunch of Rebels established a new way of producing Tuscan wine: – different grapes instead of pure Sangiovese or blend – … Leggi tutto