Best global brands in fashion and luxury? In the global Interbrand ranking this is the situation: 17th place Louis Vuitton valued at 32,2 $m 22nd place CHANEL valued at 22,1 $m 28th place Hermès valued at 17,9 $m Food for thought n. 1 The key message is: luxury brands managed with long term vision are … Leggi tutto

Paris fashion week is the richest in terms of collections, events and buzz. The superb and eye-catching locations give a warm welcome to the fashion people and always give a sense of unique luxury. Christian Dior Couture Chiuri inspiration around Miss Dior, a woman with her own business in the ’50s who never married, the Magic … Leggi tutto

The Hermès-Margiela collaboration as seen by Pierre-Alexis Dumas “Jean-Louis Dumas …knew that he constantly needed to revive the perception and understanding of the brand through creativity. He was always telling me that Hermès needs to change all the time to remain true to its spirit.” “My father later said: ‘Hermès has always been a house … Leggi tutto

Wrapping up the latest round of AW2019 fashion shows a trend comes up clear: no more Millennials obsession. Following several seasons of quest for Millennials, fashion and luxury brands eventually realized that they are just one among several generations of customers and, yes, as we said  since the beginning of this story, a brand should … Leggi tutto

THIS WEEK… – Angela Ahrendts Apple most paid executive is exiting the brand…we are all curious to know where she will be headed afterwards… Board Chairman or CEO? Ralph Lauren or CK? Heading back to Europe? Chanel? Soundtrack “Gimme Shelter” Rolling Stones – Hermès 2018 results +7.5% versus PY Soundtrack “Time is on my side” … Leggi tutto

Following the official statement on Chanel revenues in 2017, let’s play find the odd one out! – Chanel revenues 8.27 billion euro. Growth rate +11% – Hermès revenues 5.549 billion euro. Growth rate +9% – Kering Luxury activities 10 billion euro. Growth rate 29.9% of which Gucci revenues 6.2 billion euro. Growth rate +42% – LVMH … Leggi tutto

Dear Demna Gvasalia, I am happy to see that you high-priced DHL driver inspired clothes and accessories are still selling very well. I am also wondering if you believe that your style and the one of Vetement will last in the long term in the wish list of consumers. You stated that “Fashion is not … Leggi tutto

FERRAGAMO A very interesting interview of Ferruccio Ferragamo to Corriere Fiorentino on the direction that the company: “changing without turning upside down”. A clear message to the top management and next CEO. The company has clear values to be respected, not disrupted. TIFFANY 2017 sees 0% revenues growth at constant perimeter. Not an easy task, … Leggi tutto

Every single luxury brand dream is about becoming the next Hermès, the Italian Hermès, the British Hermès. Hermès certainly has now a slower pace of growth compared to cool brands such as Gucci, YSL and Balenciaga but what is clear is that it is growing healthily since its foundation in 1837. After almost two centuries … Leggi tutto

I recently published a post on Brioni that, in a couple of days, reached 6.376 views. Getting inspiration from the story of fashion and luxury regarding the evolution of the Brands, it’s interesting to highlight some key principles for the long term healthy growth. Define the Brand DNA. It serves as the Brand GPS when the … Leggi tutto