Hedi Slimane or J.W. Anderson? Who is closer to Karl Lagerfeld genius approach? Lagerfeld once said “What I do Coco would have hated. The label has an image and it’s up to me to update it. I do what she never did. I had to find my mark. I had to go from what Chanel was to … Leggi tutto

In an interview to the great Loic Prigent Hedi Slimane released an epic rant against his critics. He said that “I also have the poor taste of being a man who is succeeding a woman. You could read into that a subtext of latent homophobia that is quite surprising.” Well, that’s not the point. And, … Leggi tutto

Is it maybe because they do not believe the long-term investment is worth it? Do they really believe Celine under Slimane could double or triple the revenues? Or maybe they are willing to beat the Saint Laurent by Vaccarello with the real mastermind behind SLP success? In a world of fashion where “gender fluid” is … Leggi tutto

They couldn’t be more different in style. They couldn’t be more similar in their being stuck in a moment. Hedi Slimane imposing his black and white, skinny, hyper young aesthetics. He developed it in full gear in all the brands he worked for. He’s been the Golden Boy raising like a Phoenix from its ashes. … Leggi tutto

It’s the year of “make it or break it” – Burberry: a very ambitious relaunch with a new CEO, an exiting designer-chairman, a new creative director still to be announced. A new appeal to be recreated. – Ralph Lauren, Tod’s, Ferragamo, Prada: very established brands navigating in perilous waters since too long. It’s not transition … Leggi tutto

I recently read the interview that Hedi Slimane gave to Vogue Italy and the article written by Vanessa Friedman, published on the New York Times on his hint of a coming back into fashion. Friedman describes Slimane as “the most in-fashion out-of-fashion” and she says that despite the relevant reset he did for Saint Laurent … Leggi tutto