One can think whatever about Kanye West but it’s impossible to deny his spontaneous talent of creating #epic projects. The Fashion Industry has a lot to learn from him. 1. “Epic” is the key to be impactful. It doesn’t matter so much if it is an epic fail or success, if the event stands out from the … Leggi tutto

In 2018 OTB, the group founded by Renzo Rosso and the owner of brands such as Diesel and Marni, revenues dropped of 3.2% to 1,439 billion euro. Revenues in 2017 were 1,58 billion. Group CEO Ubaldo Minelli said the company went through a voluntary reset phase in 2018 and it is due for some M&A … Leggi tutto

Emilio Pucci 67% majority stake was acquired by LVMH in 2000. In 2001 the French luxury group founded by Bernard Arnault took control of Fendi. Both family owned Italian deteriorated fashion houses with a glorious past.  After almost two decades Pucci apparently reached the peak of revenues during the Peter Dundas creative direction at around … Leggi tutto

FERRAGAMO A very interesting interview of Ferruccio Ferragamo to Corriere Fiorentino on the direction that the company: “changing without turning upside down”. A clear message to the top management and next CEO. The company has clear values to be respected, not disrupted. TIFFANY 2017 sees 0% revenues growth at constant perimeter. Not an easy task, … Leggi tutto

Dear Private Equity Funds, I recently heard quite surprising statements from private equity top executives on how much fashion needs them: – “fashion and design need our expertise because the entrepreneurs are often creative people who do not know anything about industrial matters, supply chain, tech platforms for online business. The entrepreneurs are not able … Leggi tutto

While the likes of Gucci, Fendi, Bulgari, Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana are experiencing a very positive growth, several other Italian Brands are facing troubling times. The official statements of these Brands move in the same loop: – we will hire a Senior digital VP – we recruited a new cool designer – we announce the … Leggi tutto

Simon Porte Jacquemus recently founded his eponymous fashion brand. Cultivated and light spirited, tenacious and motivated, talented and creative Jacquemus is an independent designer who succeeded to convince the French fashion federation to anticipate the opening day of the PFW to Monday September 25th allowing the Brand to show at the Picasso Museum. To highlight … Leggi tutto

In a recent article on the NYT Vanessa Friedman wrote that Milan Fashion Week seemed out of focus this time. The fashion world is taken by a storm of events that are not meaningful nor interesting as: – it’s always the same circus, the same faces, the same people adding not so much in terms … Leggi tutto

 Most of the established fashion brands miss now:  – the will and the ability to drive deep change inside the organization, the processes and work flow. -the courage to make impactful changes now because they even didn’t dare to make small adjustments along the way – the energy to refresh and reset the organization On … Leggi tutto

Marco Gobetti recently joined Burberry as CEO, Christopher Bailey made a step back focusing his perimeter on design and brand image. Some key learnings from the recent past of this staple brand are: – A Brand with 2.8 billion turnover must have CEO and Creative Director roles split. – The Creative Director (unless he is … Leggi tutto