Following Jing Daily article today “Chinese shoppers are known as heavy luxury consumers, accounting for 30% of all luxury goods purchased worldwide”. China, a strategic market, asks for an extra effort to all the brands willing to succeed in such a region. The must for every brand is to understand how to set up a tailor made approach … Leggi tutto

#FashionBrands are usually renown for their bold vision, the pioneer spirit and their courage to be leaders and not followers. But this is not enough. What is needed the most in this moment is to abandon the stereotypes, to embrace an openhearted, passionate and fulfilling new approach and to invest energies without being distracted by Millennials, … Leggi tutto

Calvin Klein appointed Belgian designer Raf Simons as Chief Creative Officer in 2016. Apparently the brand spent around 70 million US$ in less than 3 years to launch and support the “haute de gamme” called 205W39NYC. The results didn’t pay and the collaboration with Simons was ended in December 2018. Now the announcement that the whole … Leggi tutto

Dolce and Gabbana announced today that they are focusing the media investment back on print. A bold long term decision or a visceral u-turn due to the China scandal? It seems like the Dry-January or the Meat-Free Monday. The step after the hangover. Taking the distance from a medium that can be very dangerous and … Leggi tutto

Unbelievable Calvin Klein Calvin Klein executives just announced the shut down of the Manhattan flagship store and 100 staff lay offs. Right after parting ways with the brand creative director, Raf Simons. Certainly more disruption than needed. Or hoped for. This unfortunate case history is a great lesson for the fashion world. 1. Brand assessment. Before … Leggi tutto

Is it maybe because they do not believe the long-term investment is worth it? Do they really believe Celine under Slimane could double or triple the revenues? Or maybe they are willing to beat the Saint Laurent by Vaccarello with the real mastermind behind SLP success? In a world of fashion where “gender fluid” is … Leggi tutto

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Kim Jones at Dior Hedi Slimane at Celine Virgil Abloh at Vuitton Kris Van Assche at Berluti Claire Weight Keller at Givenchy We cannot deny that LVMH is investing in creative directors with strong personality and impactful style. The group is certainly preparing an acceleration in growth, maybe also in consideration … Leggi tutto

Dear Sergio Rossi brand, (Not the real one, the powerful entrepreneur who loves creating shoes and who recently helped his son founding the most prestigious shoes specialist brand of the last decade Gianvito Rossi) As an affectionate alumni I cannot wait to see the brand in 3 years…so far I just can see a new … Leggi tutto

 Most of the established fashion brands miss now:  – the will and the ability to drive deep change inside the organization, the processes and work flow. -the courage to make impactful changes now because they even didn’t dare to make small adjustments along the way – the energy to refresh and reset the organization On … Leggi tutto

Dear Fashion Brands, Let’s go back to the basics! Before getting obsessed for VR and AI and avant grade technologies, make an assessment on the foundations of your Brand and how they are put in place effectively. Must-haves for any Brand are: – a clear and detailed written Brand vision and positioning based on the … Leggi tutto