“I think the future leaders of fashion companies are going to be marketers, not merchants” Andrew Rosen, former CEO and Theory founder That’s specially true for the US fashion industry where marketing is a deeply respected science since several decades (even if abused by the mean mass market industry). But, what about European brands? Marketing … Leggi tutto

#FashionBrands are usually renown for their bold vision, the pioneer spirit and their courage to be leaders and not followers. But this is not enough. What is needed the most in this moment is to abandon the stereotypes, to embrace an openhearted, passionate and fulfilling new approach and to invest energies without being distracted by Millennials, … Leggi tutto

– Yves Saint Laurent: will the brand continue its outstanding performance with sort of a “new normal” Vaccarello? Will the brand find a new soul and new emotions to communicate? Or will it become just a go-to brand for bags? – Celine: what will the next chapter be after Philo departure? Who’s next? – Manolo … Leggi tutto

Dear Sergio Rossi brand, (Not the real one, the powerful entrepreneur who loves creating shoes and who recently helped his son founding the most prestigious shoes specialist brand of the last decade Gianvito Rossi) As an affectionate alumni I cannot wait to see the brand in 3 years…so far I just can see a new … Leggi tutto

Moncler or the tough life of a successful brand Today Remo Ruffini announced the closure of the “haute couture” Moncler collections Gamme Rouge and Gamme Bleu. Moncler is presently listed at the stock exchange, it reached 1 billion euro in sales and it’s growing double digit (+16% in the last semester). This brand is the … Leggi tutto

Great designers and lifestyle masterminds, they reached a point in the company life cycle where they should: – set up a deeply trusted group of professional top managers with a clear and shared 5 years strategy and Brand positioning – set up a trusted and refreshed design team helping evolve the style with respect to … Leggi tutto

Richemont is a specialist in luxury watches and jewelry with a touch of apparel and accessories. A group focused on luxury (strategy, positioning, management) which succeeded in managing the turnaround and relaunch of a cool brand such as Chloé. Chloé employed renown creative directors such as Martine Sitbon, Karl Lagerfeld and launched fashion stars such … Leggi tutto

Corriere della Sera published an interview to Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri last Saturday. Bizzarri is a great believer in change, being curious, listening to young employees, disrupting the status quo. He also said that the aesthetic revolution cannot be long lasting and that he’s focusing on changing the company culture preparing it for the next … Leggi tutto

 Most of the established fashion brands miss now:  – the will and the ability to drive deep change inside the organization, the processes and work flow. -the courage to make impactful changes now because they even didn’t dare to make small adjustments along the way – the energy to refresh and reset the organization On … Leggi tutto

I always thought that consumer trends should be taken with a pinch of salt. Apparently Fashion and Luxury brands are becoming obsessed with Millennials. Why? It’s easy to understand: – targeting the young and cool allows more eccentric and crazy collections helping the brand visibility – catching new generations with purchase power means increasing the … Leggi tutto