Remember of the “predators” used to tell me a mentor… You discover you are an influencer when you have to decide which content you can release as free and which not. Because one thing is to inspire people and another one is to help them drive a brand in a successful direction. One thing is … Leggi tutto

Like it or nor Chiara Ferragni is a very powerful influencer. She has more than 14 million followers on Instagram and some of her posts reach more than a million likes. She is an Italian, very smart self-made entrepreneur and the ambassadress of some of the most prestigious fashion and beauty brands in the world. … Leggi tutto

Western influencers are the new media tools of the Brands they collaborate with. Previously this role was played by fashion magazines while more frequently these ones are replaced by fashion influencers and their social media. That’s why Vogue editors have criticized the bloggers in different occasions: they feel the competition.  Bloggers have created flexible, free, … Leggi tutto