The Amazon forest is burning in a dramatic time of environmental disaster happening worldwide. The nuclear explosion in Russia was not even covered by the news. The China geo-engineering of the Tibetan plateau is something that most of the people are unaware of. But Instagram has been recently flooded with posts from fashion designers, founders, … Leggi tutto

Following Jing Daily article today “Chinese shoppers are known as heavy luxury consumers, accounting for 30% of all luxury goods purchased worldwide”. China, a strategic market, asks for an extra effort to all the brands willing to succeed in such a region. The must for every brand is to understand how to set up a tailor made approach … Leggi tutto

Why luxury brands are eagerly jumping on the e-commerce train in China? It’s simple. 1. Because they need to keep the expected growth rates 2. Because China is the still “younger” and fresher market for fashion, full of eager customers 3. Because very likely the brick-and-mortar markets worldwide won’t perform well in the next future … Leggi tutto