The fashion and luxury industry have to start a path of change and evolution. A big challenge for a system that should drive change constantly and it has fallen victim of its own fears and of a trend of self conservation, instead. Do you remember Blockbuster? Probably many of the Gen Z and most of … Leggi tutto

Dear Italian Fashion Brands, What got you here, won’t get you there. Revenues for 2016 Giorgio Armani – 5% Ferragamo + 0,6% Prada -10% Tod’s -6,7% First semester 2017 results: Ferragamo + 1,1% Prada – 5,5% Tod’s – 6,1% Several established high-end fashion brands have been caught in quite a dangerous situation. All high-end brands, … Leggi tutto

The CEO is always concerned about digital transformation but too quickly he returns to the old path and continues with business as usual…So very true