Best global brands in fashion and luxury? In the global Interbrand ranking this is the situation: 17th place Louis Vuitton valued at 32,2 $m 22nd place CHANEL valued at 22,1 $m 28th place Hermès valued at 17,9 $m Food for thought n. 1 The key message is: luxury brands managed with long term vision are … Leggi tutto

Yesterday a majestic tribute was paid in Paris to Karl Lagerfeld. He will be deeply missed especially by those who didn’t learn from his example. Karl Lagerfeld thoughts are a great inspiration to all fashion insiders. 1. “ Change is the healthiest way to survive”  2. “Fashion is about going ahead, not about memory.”  3. … Leggi tutto

Yesterday (night for Europe) Prada showed a beautiful Cruise collection in New York, with a very interesting message behind. “This show is all about simplicity — naïve, cotton, simple. So the opposite of a big deal. Because I think that sometimes, all of us, [with the itinerant shows] there’s a competition for who does more … Leggi tutto

Wrapping up the latest round of AW2019 fashion shows a trend comes up clear: no more Millennials obsession. Following several seasons of quest for Millennials, fashion and luxury brands eventually realized that they are just one among several generations of customers and, yes, as we said  since the beginning of this story, a brand should … Leggi tutto

The moving CHANEL show of today doesn’t close an era, despite the “Heroes” final catwalk soundtrack. Karl Lagerfeld immense legacy will stay forever in the #Fashion system. We can still learn a lot from his life. 1. Believe in your talent and work to make your dream come true 2. Be an explorer. Accept no limits 3. Your life … Leggi tutto

Hedi Slimane or J.W. Anderson? Who is closer to Karl Lagerfeld genius approach? Lagerfeld once said “What I do Coco would have hated. The label has an image and it’s up to me to update it. I do what she never did. I had to find my mark. I had to go from what Chanel was to … Leggi tutto

Dear Karl Lagerfeld, Today, for the first time, you didn’t show up for a bow at the end of Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris.  You were tired and all of us missed you very much. You are with no doubt a pillar of the fashion and luxury system and your iconic persona is unique, … Leggi tutto

It’s news of today that Chanel bought a stake in Swiss high-end watchmaking supplier Kenissi and it will launch at Baselworld in March a new product featuring an automatic movement from the Swiss maker. Following “The Fashion Law” “These are not remarkably novel developments for Chanel, as the ‘House That Coco Built’ began its acquisition … Leggi tutto

Many luxury and fashion brands are cashing in thanks to the Millennials wave. What’s the reason behind such an obsession? 1. A fresh target makes a perfect attention-getting hook for investors and shareholders 2. It should represent an additional target to the already existing ones 3. They are represented as eager for brands and products … Leggi tutto

Chanel SS19 show was a masterpiece of set design (despite the ironic posts of some Italian fashion journalists who are still too obsessed by trash brands to recognize a great and refined concept). And, most of all, very precious items and feelings were displayed: – “barefoot”, carefree girls and women walking on the beach dressed … Leggi tutto