Yesterday I was at a fashion startup gathering at the Milan Piazza Gae Aulenti offices of Accenture (amazing view!). And from the glass windows I could follow the procession of people waiting (from 8.30!) to enter the Nutella booth to taste the new Nutella cookies. The power of Marketing. Every day people are queuing to … Leggi tutto

“Yes, Mr. Gray, the gods have been good to you. But what the gods give they quickly take away. You have only a few years in which to live really, perfectly, and fully.  When your youth goes, your beauty will go with it, and then you will suddenly discover that there are no triumphs left … Leggi tutto

“A Brand Strategy is 360°, not just Digital Fashion and Luxury brands are obsessed by Digital and E-commerce. But the success of a brand in the long-term is not due to the short term activities that are implemented. It’s the Brand Style that, wisely mixing: – appealing and distinctive product – unique imagery and image … Leggi tutto

Roger Vivier was a legendary shoes creator who contributed so much to the success of Christian Dior that the eponymous brand recently dedicated to him an entire book featuring some of the most beautiful creations of this genius. The brand recently appointed a new Creative Director who worked before for Prada Group, Gherardo Felloni. While … Leggi tutto

 This post was inspired by by Tracy Short question, this morning on LinkedIn, about books. A must read for fashion and luxury professionals is the book written by Ryan Holiday “Ego is the Enemy. the Fight to Master Our Greatest Opponent”. Hereafter great quotes from the book. “Those who have subdued their ego understand that … Leggi tutto

Italian brands may thrive in terms of product, design, contents but they have so much to learn from US brands in terms of the Power of Branding. Starbucks and Harley-Davidson Motor Company are examples of Branding prowess. They are so competent in terms of: – Vision – Purpose – Pride – Adrenaline – Sense of … Leggi tutto

Many luxury and fashion brands are cashing in thanks to the Millennials wave. What’s the reason behind such an obsession? 1. A fresh target makes a perfect attention-getting hook for investors and shareholders 2. It should represent an additional target to the already existing ones 3. They are represented as eager for brands and products … Leggi tutto

It’s all about the emotions. It’s not describing the technicalities of the product that it will make it outstanding and the most sought for. It’s not showing all the product offer that it will make it appealing. It’s not how long you talk about your product glorifying it. I t’s not about the history of … Leggi tutto

“Diesel is Dead” This is what you read on the Diesel flagship windows in San Babila, Milano. Big graffiti style statement. Is it also a Brand self-assessment? What is certain is that: 1. The brand lacks strong and meaningful product 2. They could have hired Virgin Abloh at the right time. It could have been … Leggi tutto

1. In a world of freaks fashion victims and tacky collections you got back “Style” 2. You supported your newly appointed Creative Director Riccardo Tisci to evolve the Brand without destroying it and to merge his own vision of fashion with the Brand DNA without turning it upside down 3. You are not obsessed by Millennials … Leggi tutto