Delvaux and the Golden Rules of a Successful Relaunch

Jean-Marc Loubier, former top executive of LVMH, acquired Belgian bags brand Delvaux in 2011 with other partners. The brand revenues were around 10 million euros and the sales were 97%  located in Belgium. Eight years later the brand turnover is between 100 and 200 million euros and 90% of it is outside the mother country. … Leggi tutto

Emilio Pucci or What’s the Story, Morning Glory

Emilio Pucci 67% majority stake was acquired by LVMH in 2000. In 2001 the French luxury group founded by Bernard Arnault took control of Fendi. Both family owned Italian deteriorated fashion houses with a glorious past.  After almost two decades Pucci apparently reached the peak of revenues during the Peter Dundas creative direction at around … Leggi tutto

Women’s Day – Dear Fashion and Luxury brands

#womensday Dear Fashion and Luxury brands, Don’t talk about sisterhood, women’s rights and so on. Act! -Eliminate bullying and harassing from your organization and company culture – Support Equal Opportunities – Pay Equal Salaries It’s a must.

Calvin Klein shift on the reverse. Lesson learned?

Calvin Klein appointed Belgian designer Raf Simons as Chief Creative Officer in 2016. Apparently the brand spent around 70 million US$ in less than 3 years to launch and support the “haute de gamme” called 205W39NYC. The results didn’t pay and the collaboration with Simons was ended in December 2018. Now the announcement that the whole … Leggi tutto

Millennials obsession? Game over

Wrapping up the latest round of AW2019 fashion shows a trend comes up clear: no more Millennials obsession. Following several seasons of quest for Millennials, fashion and luxury brands eventually realized that they are just one among several generations of customers and, yes, as we said  since the beginning of this story, a brand should … Leggi tutto

Karl Lagerfeld Legacy for Fashion Professionals

The moving CHANEL show of today doesn’t close an era, despite the “Heroes” final catwalk soundtrack. Karl Lagerfeld immense legacy will stay forever in the #Fashion system. We can still learn a lot from his life. 1. Believe in your talent and work to make your dream come true 2. Be an explorer. Accept no limits 3. Your life … Leggi tutto

Hedi Slimane or J.W. Anderson? Who is closer to Karl Lagerfeld genius approach?

Hedi Slimane or J.W. Anderson? Who is closer to Karl Lagerfeld genius approach? Lagerfeld once said “What I do Coco would have hated. The label has an image and it’s up to me to update it. I do what she never did. I had to find my mark. I had to go from what Chanel was to … Leggi tutto

Fashion Brands or The Land of Confusion…

It’s pretty challenging to decode fashion shows in this moment. We recently saw Vaccarello playing the look and feel of YSL moulded by Hedi Slimane, whose aesthetics he  developed earlier at Dior Homme.  Then we will see Hedi Slimane himself presenting his own trademark style at Celine, whose second in command is now developing a … Leggi tutto

What BOTTEGA VENETA (among others) Can Learn From FENDI

When I joined Fendi, some colleagues at Ferragamo tried to discourage me. “Fendi is going nowhere”. I didn’t listen and, fortunately, I had the chance to give my humble contribute to the brand re-birth under Michael Burke LVMH leadership. Now luxury giants like Tod’s, Ferragamo and Bottega Veneta are struggling to find a renewed success. … Leggi tutto

DOLCE&GABBANA : The Medium is the Message

Dolce and Gabbana announced today that they are focusing the media investment back on print. A bold long term decision or a visceral u-turn due to the China scandal? It seems like the Dry-January or the Meat-Free Monday. The step after the hangover. Taking the distance from a medium that can be very dangerous and … Leggi tutto