David Bowie. A life master in 5 points.

David Bowie’s life has been rich and full of aspects that can inspire our daily life. 1. CHANGE. Life is constant change. “Panta rei” as the renown ancient greek philosopher Heraclitus highlighted. Everything flows, nothing is the same as time goes by. Accepting change is very important in our lives but encouraging it, looking for … Leggi tutto

David Lynch and “Ideas are like fish”

Today is David Lynch 70th birthday. For those who know and appreciate this renown maverick Hollywood director it’s a great day to celebrate. David Lynch is working on the next chapter of Twin Peaks and he’s such an eclectic man who loves painting, music, curating night clubs (“Il Silencio” in Paris), creating music projects, writing … Leggi tutto

It takes two to tango

We have recently heard about so (too) many changes at the elm of some of the most prestigious brands in terms of CEOs and designers and it’s probably worthy to go a little bit more in depth of this matter. Before the luxury groups era, designers were the founders of their own labels, very often … Leggi tutto

Food for fashion

As mentioned in my previous post https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/takes-two-tango-susanna-nicoletti?trk=mp-author-card , I strongly believe a CEO should take a baking degree before managing a Fashion Brand. And the same (or, at least a baking class) should be done by the shareholders who are genuinely interested in developing a strong, powerful, long-lasting Fashion brand. Yes, a baking degree.  Managing a Fashion … Leggi tutto

Short term vision is over

Fashion has always been about change, disruption, revolution, cycles. Designers have always represented the engine of this industry. Customers satisfaction has always turned into positive sales and companies growth. Scandal has been a fashion trademark since the beginning and fashion has always been determined by “the air du temps” or the “zeitgeist”. And the true, authentic … Leggi tutto

Silver is speech, silence is golden

Bernard Arnault, Phoebe Philo, Hedi Slimane, Martin Margiela, Kate Moss. They all have something in common. Yes, they work (or they did) in the fashion and luxury industry. But it’s something more than that. They follow the rule that it’s their own work that has to speak for themselves. They simply do not talk to … Leggi tutto