Martin Margiela and why fashion still desperately needs him

I recently visited the exhibition “Moda e Arte” (Fashion and Art) at the Museo Ferragamo in Florence. I also attended the end of the year project presentations of the Fashion Product Management class at Polimoda. I browsed around the beautiful building facing the Arno river of the fashion institute and had the chance to see … Leggi tutto

Steve Jobs and fashion 4.0

How can outdated Fashion Brands switch to a successful mindset? How can Founders and Managers turn stagnating Fashion Brands into cool Brands again? A new mix of attitude, vision and implementation is needed. Most of the existing Fashion Brands are trying to float, they are stagnating. They fail to develop, progress or advance. They should … Leggi tutto

Fashion meets Art. Isn’it time to call it quits?

Fashion meets Art. Most of the Cruise collections presented in the past month were soaked in art references and took places in art museum or artistic places. Luis Vuitton showed the collection in Japan at Kyoto Miho Museum and was inspired by the Japanese traditions such as kabuki, samurai, obi with a touch of Kansai … Leggi tutto

Fashion Bore(King)dom or the Hamster on a Wheel Trap

Here we are. We happily survived another round of Cruise collection shows around the world. Guests have been invited to experience the Wild West (with a touch of chicness), the wild NY ’70s (with a touch of sport), the cool Japan (with a bit of tradition), the Parisian meets Parthenon (inspired by Dolce and Gabbana?), … Leggi tutto

Louboutin Red Sole Wisdom

Christian Louboutin is the founder of the eponymous fashion brand that represents one of the shoes specialist phenomenon of the past 20 years. Healthy company, privately-owned, with a very streamlined organization and a very dynamic designer at the helm. They developed a wise retail network, an interesting Brand stretching into beauty and they are one … Leggi tutto

Vetements no show

Here we are. Vetements founder Demna Gvasalia recently told the press that the Brand will not show in Paris this June. After 5 years of fireworks, delighted press and amazed customers the Brand is slowing down. As per WWD article Demna Gvasalia told that “buyers and journalists all seem to be tired of all the … Leggi tutto

Michael Kors and the 7 key risk factor of qick growth

Michael Kors, a fashion giant that is planning to reach a $ 4.25 billion in 2018 has announced the closure of around 125 stores in the world due to poor recent performance of the Brand. Is it a surprise? Very unlikely. Michael Kors is a company founded by the designer in 1981. It opened the … Leggi tutto

Charlize Theron or Gigi Hadid? Luxury of Fashion?

I took the inspiration for this post while reading an interesting article on Business of Fashion “The Luxury Brand Balancing Act” written by Helena Pike regarding the issue that many brands face about preserving the rarity concept behind their own strategy. What I notice more and more frequently is that many established Brands are … Leggi tutto

Chanel and the David Blatt syndrome

Maureen Chiquet, global CEO at Chanel, will leave the company in a few days because of different opinions over strategic direction as per WWD article . Alain Wertheimer, Chanel Chairman and member of the family that owns the company, will (probably temporarily) take over. Chiquet was appointed Chanel CEO in 2007 and she firmly … Leggi tutto

Lvmh VS Kering

The competition between the first and the third luxury group is still alive after almost two decades. In order to better understand the power and the potential of the two groups, it is interesting not to analyze their fashion brands performance and to focus on the other brands they own instead. Let’s take champagne for LVMH … Leggi tutto