Tiffany will open two pop up stores for the Christmas season in two landmark New York locations: Grand Central Station and Rockerfeller Center.

Cartier transformed the small temporary store they opened when the flagship on the 5th avenue was under renovation in a retail destination.

Bulgari re-opened in style its flagship store on the 5th with the 57th street in style with an event packed of VIPs and celebrities.

The top luxury jewelry brands are facing the challenge of keeping their “luxury cathedrals” appealing, warm and welcoming for different targets of customers.

The new trend in jewelry retail is “small is beautiful”.

Stores that are big, cold and intimidating (like the brand new Tiffany at the Duomo di Milano, all white and steel, high ceilings, sense of emptiness) should be rethinked with the goal of making them attractive and pleasant to browse and navigate.

The retail formulas could be:

– “Small is beautiful” with a message of coziness, warmth and welcome despite the high prices of the products sold

– re-develop their cathedral in a true 5 senses luxury experience where materials, colors, textures, places surround the visitors and catapult them into a dream world

No more space for cold flagships, please

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