Rumors raised last year about Phoebe Philo leaving Celine are becoming more intense.

Very likely the February 2018 show will be the last at Celine for the uber cool designer.

Celine, thanks to Phoebe Philo, developed a very feminine yet conceptual Brand style. Sharp and chic. Beautiful accessories from bags to shows to eyeglasses, very modern apparel with a touch of eccentricity.

Philo spoke to the contemporary woman who likes to be elegant with a strong touch of personality. And she did it very well.

After ten years at the helm of the Brand, change is natural. For Phoebe and for the Brand.

Recharge and start again with fresh new ideas and projects on both sides.

This is a very healthy way of managing creativity. The need for new routes and new discoveries is a must for keeping the pace with the industry.

A smooth transition, no drama and a clever split is always the best. Not all the Groups are able to manage this in a very civilized way.

LVMH is doing it with class and consistence. Jacobs, Tisci, Philo are all examples of a visionary management of solid brands that rely on great designer but are not overwhelmed by them.

That’s a very smart and useful benchmark for the fashion and luxury industry.

Great job, Phoebe!

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