We often read about luxury success recipes.

As if a luxury brand could take part to the Bake Off TV competition. 

We see self-proclaimed experts writing luxury recipes for success exactly in the same way the plumber prepares a cake he never heard about before for the competition.

None of these people have clearly got their hands dirty on the field of a luxury brand growth challenge. 

Same as Bake Off competitors who have never worked in a professional pastry kitchen.

Surprise is: there is no safe recipe.

It’s not like:

10 gr of AI

150 gr of data crunching

340 gr of warm sustainability fluff

add 200 gr of diversity and inclusion

mix well, put in a pan and bake for 1h at 180 degrees

for the frosting

you can add 50gr of women equal opportunities, some Chinese Gen Z insights 

mix with 50 gr of good remix of vintage pieces and cover the cake. Top with kawai pink decorations.  

A luxury brand only grows with a plan about the company growth mindset and culture. 

It’s not about the tools, it’s about the experienced hand and mind focusing on the specific brand growth.

It’s alchemy. It’s mixing the unexpected ingredients in a unique way.

The rest is just like most of the cakes baked on TV: tasteless and badly decorated.

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