Dear Mister Johann Rupert,

I read the amazing interview of yours to Nick Foulkes on FT Weekend.

“So long as there is love and passion, there will be luxury jewellery” you said.

Very inspiring.

And you also created a Foundation supporting artisans and craftsmen as well as the Laureus Sports for Good.

You were disappointed by the closure of the legendary Lorenzi in Via Montenapoleone, replaced by a Richemont competitor brand, Swatch group Omega.

You pioneered on the e-commerce when everybody else in luxury disdained it.

You bought Cartier at the expenses of Gianni Agnelli, seeing in it an unmissable opportunity.

You are thought-provoking and outspoken.

As you said “We cannot afford to make truly special things, nobody really can, without cash flow”.

You are very honest in a world where competitors groups eager of profits nurture consumerism and lower the quality of the products to increase margins.

“I have made more money than I ever thought I would, and much more than I often think I deserve. Why not give something back to preserve this (artisanal) culture, to preserve the skills?”

And… as you are the most daring of the luxury entrepreneurs…why not giving a bigger chance to women top executives in your group?

That would be the greatest achievement.

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