Why Some High Performers Are Quitting Big Companies to Work for Themselves

“Every large company says that their people are their biggest asset. Yet everywhere we look, we see talented leaders leaving big companies.”

It’s an upcoming trend.

“What is striking is that these folks were not poor performers being forced out who started their own solo businesses out of necessity. Quite the opposite: all were star performers who chose to reject the traditional large company career path. All had discovered a relevant niche they were uniquely excellent at, and that they had more upside working outside of the constraints of one large company.”

Tony Strippoli comment to my last post was so true. Brands should have as a top priority to make their employees happy. That’s it. Very true. So easy, isn’t it?

Poor employee and talents management is risky and leads to top performers quitting the company.

And, following the article on HBR, it’s exactly what it’s happening. 

“The common theme across these solopreneurs is that they are self-aware that there are diminishing returns to their happiness of trading in a six-figure solopreneur life with high autonomy for the rare high risk/high reward job with extremely high stress and hassle that is out of their control”

But, do corporations need top performers or do they need just soldiers?


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