One of the most exciting, mind blowing inspirations for me comes from #Netflix Chef’s Table, a masterpiece series telling the personal stories of some of the most renown, dedicated and passionate chefs.

My favorite is #ChefsTablePastry on few amazing talents:

– Corrado Assenza shows the importance of the roots, of the heritage and how, at a certain point, having reached the highest peak in mastering the know how of Sicilian pastry, it becomes possible to start breaking the rules and becoming unique

– Cristina Tosi teaches us how curiosity and research and development can help a pastry chef to become a star in the tough food NYC industry, how networking and the support of great colleagues can take a talented person to a stellar success

– Jordi Roca focuses on how an ugly duckling becomes one of the most inspiring and beautifully unique talent, letting his big nose become his most precious asset helping him develop sweet masterpieces

– Will Goldfarb episode show us the way we should live, thriving and smiling, learning that failure truly paves the way to personal, non homologated success and that if a door does not open it’s because it’s not your door. But a much better place to be appreciated is just around the corner.

I hope you will enjoy it!

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