People ask me very often which leaders are the greatest inspiration to me as a woman and as a professional. I will dedicate the next three posts to some very special ones.

Intisar AlSabah 🇰🇼 💎 🤩 

Sheika Intisar AlSabah is philanthropist, publisher, successful company founder and entrepreneur. 

She is one of the most creative, energetic, positive leaders I have ever met and her interests stretch from well-being to jewelry to non-profit.

She supports projects aimed at helping women in war zones as well as environment.

She is the founding member of the Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat( K’sPath ) as well as the Jury member at the Arab Woman Awards since 2013.

Her positivity and strength are uplifting and very motivating.

I had the honor to personally meet her and I was conquered by her vision and charisma. 

Kind and welcoming she is one of the most inspiring and positive human beings I have ever met.

I follow all her activities and social media because every day she shows that there is a way to fulfillment and happiness, if we follow it and if we are open to help others.


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