HD was founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

The epitome of freedom and wilderness, the American motorcycle brand survived the Great Depression, World War II, a time of bad management and the brink of bankruptcy.

The legendary brand survived troubled times and it became a case history in terms of global branding success and business growth.

Here’s the key assets that made Harley Davidson “The King of the Road”.

– Don’t be a follower. Even when Japanese bikes take the lead

– Stick to your history and style. And boldly evolve it.

– Build and nurture a great community of fans (HOGs) even before the internet and develop a special lifestyle around it

– Focus on one Brand message: Freedom. And be consistent

– Leverage on your DNA: the American Dream

– Drive the uphills and downhills as a leader

– Fearlessly innovate and launch in 2019 the electric motorbike LiveWire, tested one year before the launch by selected customers

– Customize like crazy and never stop. With endless possibilities

– Develop your own story-telling, tone of voice, visual identity.

– Don’t be shy and continue to grow: 5.647 billion $ turnover in 2017

Don’t be just a motorcycle brand. Be the greatest ever.

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