Roger Vivier was a legendary shoes creator who contributed so much to the success of Christian Dior that the eponymous brand recently dedicated to him an entire book featuring some of the most beautiful creations of this genius.

The brand recently appointed a new Creative Director who worked before for Prada Group, Gherardo Felloni.

While Prada developed in the past years a very interesting storytelling about its target (and one of the most intriguing is the “A Therapy” video featuring Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Kingsley, directed by Roman Polanski – see it in the link in the first comment below) and successfully focused on the appeal of Prada brand and products with style and irony, the French brand seems to be lost in its own DNA.

RV, deeply rooted into the “Parisian chic”, just launched a video featuring Catherine Deneuve (yes, the “Belle de Jour” leading actress wearing in 1967 a pair of Monsieur Vivier shoes with the iconic buckle) in a very (too much?) Parisian atmosphere (see link in second comment)

Enjoyable like the sound of some nails on a glass…

In a time of Me Too movements, Gilets Jaunes and Diversity efforts it’s surprising to see how prestigious brands are still stuck in a last century ivory tower mood.

Isn’t it outdated?

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