Maria Grazia Chiuri was appointed Creative director at Dior in June 2016. Before she was part of the duo who helped revamp Valentino and she also previously worked at #Fendi with Silvia Venturini Fendi.

She was the first woman designer to be in charge of women image and collections at the Parisian maison of Dior.

She is a very discreet woman but at the first Dior show she started with a “bang”, anticipating a trend that is becoming massive.

“Dior has to be about female empowerment” she said. So very modern and quite unusual in a fashion world where the no-gender is the rule and women are still behind men in terms of top positions and salary per gender.

Of course, she got lots of criticism. In an industry where women are too often treated as “objects” (see the various photographers/models harassment scandal) or dressed as weird creatures carrying their own heads as a bag, Maria Grazia cleaned the air and suggested a simpler way of being a woman and a girl.

Lighter and brighter, engaged yet with good taste, minimalist yer details lover.

She raised issues “Why have there been no great women artists?”

Good point. And good luck to Ms. Chiuri.

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