“I think the future leaders of fashion companies are going to be marketers, not merchants” Andrew Rosen, former CEO and Theory founder

That’s specially true for the US fashion industry where marketing is a deeply respected science since several decades (even if abused by the mean mass market industry).

But, what about European brands?

Marketing should be a strong asset for every fashion brand. 

It’s not.

Marketing is the unknown strategic discipline of fashion and luxury . Astonishingly neglected and deeply mistreated.

In fashion, marketing directors are usually coming from press offices and PR and hired or promoted for their knowledge of the press and relations. 

The younger the better because there is a (not so) secret hope to kill two birds with one stone: digital! And press! And…well, yes, marketing.

Wrong. Fashion Marketing is a serious matter despite all the attempts to degrade it to pure fluff.

Fashion Marketing is a strategic discipline.

“Today there are multiple methods of distribution to reach the customer, which means the marketing aspects of the job have become incredibly important, incredibly scientific, incredibly necessary.” Theory founder, Andrew Rosen.

Marketing education at all levels is pivotal.

It’s not a “nice-to-know”, it’s a must.

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