10 insights on the philosophy of the mastermind behind the first #luxury group in the world

1. “The man himself is deeply private”. No need to show off.

2. “I always liked being number one. I told my team we will build the first luxury group in the world” (Michael Burke was among his closest aides since day). 

And you need a strong vision and mission to hit the targets.

3. “Some call him a predator”. As his close friend Karl Lagerfeld once said “Fashion is ephemeral, dangerous and unfair.” Let’s say it loud: the luxury and fashion industry is ruthless

4. “LVMH role is to produce products and experiences that convey an authentic sense of value to our customers…What matters the most is that in 10 years time our brands are as desirable as they are today” . The greatest marketing and branding speech.

5. “Profit is a consequence of what we do well; it should never become a goal”. That’s why CFOs attitude never took off at group level.

6. “My wealth is LVMH shares…the result of what we built with the LVMH group. We are the goup that pays the most taxes in France. I always paid my taxes in France”.  No tax havens unlike far too many key players

7. “I hate the past. What interests me is the future”

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