After many years of sparkling success all over the world, being also the key ingredient to the infamous cocktail Spritz, Prosecco bubble has burst.

Only in UK the sales of Prosecco dropped of 3 millions of bottles. 

The cause is a mix a weak pound and change of taste in favor of another traditional spirit: the Gin.

A new word has been created: Gin-aissance, a sort of Renaissance of the British spirit with a long tradition, having being peaked its production in England in the 17th century.

Gin is a spirit invented in Italy by monks of a monastery in Salerno, then developed as a medicine in Netherland in the 17th century and adopted as one of the favorite spirits in England.

Prosecco troubles started when it was launched as The Drink. An increased demand pushed an increased offer and its democratization led to decrease prices, cheapening the quality of the product.

A saturation of the market took the sparkly wine to a peak and then to its crisis.
Only the highest quality prosecco, produced in limited quantities will survive.

A trend gone and another one peaking.

We can find lot of similarities with several fashion brands.

Key learning: being hype is a danger, if you want your brand to stay alive and kicking.

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