On Kering Scary Secret Weapon

Kering Q3 results beat competitors as comparable Q3 sales rose 28.4% versus PY.

The main contribution to the growth was given by Gucci, that rose +34.9% and, far from this, Saint Laurent 16.5%.

The rest of the brands (including raising star Balenciaga) rose +32.2% Bottega Veneta declined 8.7% in a seemingly never ending downhill trend. With such a stellar growth since the past 3 years Kering clearly reached a record in the luxury industry history.

So, what’s the secret weapon that allowed Kering to push these unusual results?

Marco Bizzarri is the Kering secret weapon, since he incredibly pushed the Bottega Veneta results during his CEO tenure and then BV success and prestige without him faded away.

Now he’s doing the same at Gucci.

As the industry is rich of talented managers but unable to hit such targets, some question may arise: – what are Bizzarri secret weapons that other Brands or Groups are not allowed or willing to use?

– is the fact that a global Luxury Group relies on one single person reassuring?

– has Kering secret weapon unlimited bullets?

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