Women Power Suits Are Back!

Last week Lady Gaga made a blast with a speech on her decision to wear trousers instead of red carpet frocks, yesterday Julia Roberts attended the InStyle event in Los Angeles wearing a pink trousers and jacket combination, during these days trip to Australia Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex chose a trousers suit for one of her public appearances.

In our time in the fashion industry where most men (creatives and managers) dictate the trends and the moods, where the fuss of no gender means having catwalks full of people dressed in the most ridicoulous way, some of the most influencing and powerful women are going their way. In a different way.

The choice of the power suit is meaningful.

Because men tend to be more relaxed (and shabby?), casual and street style followers. Because women, taking decisions for themselves are pushing back the “siren” stereotype and are imposing a look that is miles away from the one of the “trophy woman”.

They are choosing shapes and cuts that give them a “feel good” sense. That make them feel empowered subjects instead of compliant objects.

And that’s definitely a good move.

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