Here we are. Vetements founder Demna Gvasalia recently told the press that the Brand will not show in Paris this June.

After 5 years of fireworks, delighted press and amazed customers the Brand is slowing down.

As per WWD article Demna Gvasalia told that “buyers and journalists all seem to be tired of all the shows, the fashion weeks, constant traveling and being away from their families for months.”

“Today shows have nothing to do with clothes anymore,” he explained. “Most of the looks are not even produced and therefore never get to the shop floor. Shows are there merely to sell a dream that at the end of the day will sell a perfume or a wallet in a duty-free store.”

Let’s be clear. If today shows have nothing to do with clothes and real life it is also thanks to debatable Brands like Vetements that focused more on the pleasure of that magic circle of press rather than on the customer experience.

As I wrote one year ago in my LinkedIn article

fashion fireworks don’t last and they create confusion.

Vetements is a non-original Brand that conquered the heart of extreme fashionistas in need of crazy visibility, of the fashion press in need of selling stories and of the retailers in desperate need for novelties to attract customers in their stores.

It’s not surprising that even Mr. Gvasalia confirmed that most of the looks in a show will never hit the shops. Can you imagine a customer buying full price a Vetements jacket with those enormous shoulders and walking in the street?

Artificial looks, debatable press editorials and influencers wow Instagram posts won’t help mitigate the coming back of the trend of a more natural life.

That’s why Brands like Dolce and Gabbana work so well. Because they create dreams like Haute Couture as well as clothes for real people. They are fresh and reassuring. They know how to cut clothes that make women beautiful, not a mannequin.

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