As per the McKinsey & Company “State of Fashion 2019” next year won’t be easy, and the consulting firm calls for an urgent awakening all the fashion brands.The document is very interesting and insightful, and quite scary.Competition is getting harsher, markets won’t grow enough to host the industry wishful growth.But…are fashion brands ready to wake up?Are they ready to move on in a fast-paced and very demanding environment? At what cost?The 3 most frequent words in the survey are “changing, digital, fast””The implication is that change has become a key priority among industry leaders, with a particular focus on digital and speed-to-market…The attitudes of executives also reflect evolving consumer behaviours that are forcing industry players to “self-disrupt”.That could be extremely risky. To go from old school rigidity to being nimble asks for articulate reflection before action.What is most urgent? 1. Reaching Awareness. In depth.2. Finding the Right Mindset.3. Setting up the Right Strategy.Rushing into developing trendy tools won’t help.The industry needs fashion and luxury well prepared and continuously trained professionals, in all fields, at all levels.People can lead to success or failure.

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