– Luciano Benetton is back at the helm of the eponymous group and receives doctor of Fine Art from New York FIT. From the king of Italian infrastructure to back to the roots. Isn’t it late of about 25 years?

– Louis Vuitton confirms Nicolas Guésquière at the helm of Louis Vuitton Femme. As Vanessa Friedman wrote “You know we are in a weird fashion place when a designer NOT leavings job is news”

– Gucci moves the September fashion show from Milan to Paris. It seems a power move of the Italian brand and a message for Italy. Is it due to the fiscal elusion investigation in progress in Italy? Is it due to the confirmation of Capasa at the helm of Milan Camera della Moda? Is it because the owner of the brand is a French conglomerate? Is it a way to   keep the brand cool?

– Balenciaga is growing faster than Gucci. Too many fishing in the same pond?

– Tiffany and Ralph Lauren revenues are improving in 2018. Short term push or long term growth?

– Richemont bought back the surplus watches stock from the retailers. For 500 million euro. In the past two years. And it dismantles them and recycle what is possible. Bold decision. But also the sign that stuffing the market with products that cannot be absorbed by the demand is not the best strategy.

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