– Cruise Collections. Prada shows in New York. A very Pradian collection. In the Herzog & de Meuron Prada headquarters. With lots of celebrities. Impeccable execution. But, where is the spark?

– Cruise Collections. Dear brands, what is the purpose of these shows? What is the objective of the investment? Aren’t you tired about the formula?

– MET gala: is there a purpose behind a bad taste circus? Isn’t there a way to nurture style and elegance and meaningful exhibitions? Why the Queen of Chicness organizes such a questionable performance?

– Food & Fashion. Prada launches the Torre restaurant in the amazing environment of the Fondazione Prada in Milan and it collaborates with Care’s – the Ethical Chefs Days. A place to go and to enjoy the Italian lifestyle at its best.

– YNAP-Richemont. “It will be unrivalled” Federico Marchetti said. It is. Already

– Tod’s Group 1st quarter revenues decrease of 5.2% and, for the first time, even Roger Vivier is negatively impacted. Isn’t the turnaround going too slow? Aren’t the brands suffering too much? Will the Group survive?

– Brunello Cucinelli first quarter revenues grow of 9.1%. A great example of impeccable management.

– Valentino IPO can wait, CEO Stefano Sassi said today. Wise, wise, wise words.

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