– Luisa Via Roma, the Italian fashion e-commerce reached the target of 130 million euro in revenues in 2017 but its spark seems weaker compared to its competitors. Why?

Soundtrack “Get it on” T.Rex

– Apple Store opened in Milan. With stores already opened in Bologna, Firenze, Roma, this time Milan comes last.

Soundtrack “You’re so vain” Carly Simon

– Ferragamo upgrades its recently hired MD Micaela Le Divelec to the CEO role. A great move for the brand who never had, after Wanda Ferragamo, a woman at the helm of the company. A lot of work to do. Certainly not a Guccification

Soundtrack “I will survive” Gloria Gaynor

– Is Prada back on track? Prada and Miu Miu grow at constant rates of +9 and +8% respectively. So, why did they drastically changed part of the management?

Soundtrack “If you leave me now” Chicago

– Burberry new logo and pattern is shared by the Brand social media and by its recently appointed Creative Director Riccardo Tisci. Feedbacks are mixed. Why not judging when the project will be complete? And, on the other side, why the Brand releases small bits of the new approach that might be misunderstood?

Soundtrack “Hot Stuff” Donna Summer

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