– Succession planning. Dolce and Gabbana stated in an interview at Corriere that they have refused to sell the brand to keep their freedom. Benetton, Bertelli and Del Vecchio are back at the steering wheel of their empires. They do not have to demonstrate their managerial skills but they will have to face the greatest challenge: to create a successful succession plan and setting up a performing management

– Victoria Beckham cuts planned for the workforce. Isn’t glamour and style enough for making a cool brand perform?

– Vogue USA Anna Wintour. Is it really the end for the 30 years tenure of the fashion zarina?

– LVMH. Are the changes at the brands creative direction finished or not?

– Bally unveils the new showroom and offices in Milan. What about focusing on a powerful creative direction now?

– Gosha Rubchinskyi will stop the brand seasonal collections and will launch a “new concept”. Does it really matter for the future of fashion?

– Kering is facing lawsuits with Hedi Slimane and Nicolas Guesquière and potential investigation about fiscal elusion. What’s next?

Food for thought

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