– Richemont acquires Watchfinder. It was time that the second hand market for high-end watches was considered a serious business. Soundtrack “Losing my religion” REM

– Following the “sabba” gathering in Arles (as defined by La Repubblica newspaper) Gucci launches Equilibrium, a new platform on the core values of the Brand. With an Illuminati symbol in the homepage. And it aims at reaching 10 billion revenues (not saying when).  A Gucci New World Order in (Soundtrack) Sympathy with the Devil or a Road to Hell?

– Kim Kardashian is the most powerful influencer in the world. She just convinced the President of USA Donald Trump to commute life sentence of a first-time non-violent offender grandmother. Respect. Soundtrack: “We are the champions” Queen

– B. Arnault son and Bertelli/Prada son are both appointed in key executive roles at the helm of the communication of LVMH and Prada. And, what about brand strategy? Soundtrack: “Wind of change” Skorpions

– Virgil Abloh is the most requested fashion #marketing designer. His collaborations go from IKEA to Rimowa to Louis Vuitton. Soundtrack “Another day in paradise” Phil Collins

– On BofFashion: Ralph Lauren “wants to increase sales by 1 $billion in the next 5 years” Soundtrack “More than words” Extreme

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