Beware of any consultant or executive who declares to know the magic formula for making a fashion brand successful.

It simply doesn’t exist.

The management of a Fashion Brand has to be tailor made, clearly following some golden rules as coordinates, but adapting them to the context.

Take Jean-Marc Loubier, the co-founder of First Heritage Brand. We recently praised the successful relaunch of Delvaux, a dusty Belgian bags brand that in a few years went from ten to more than 100 million euro.

Today, the breaking news that the very talented creative director Julie de Libran is leaving another brand owned by FHB: Sonia Rykiel.

Apparently in a few years since the acquisition the brand went from 80 to 20 million euro, in an unstoppable descent to hell.

Same owners. Heritage and prestigious brands. 

A totally different outcome.

Why? Because every Brand has a story, its own troubles and its demons.

Only thanks to a very transparent analysis, a bold, shared strategy and a continuous adjustment of the route taken a Brand will see a successful relaunch.

Golden rules and key success factors are clearly important but it’s not the route written on paper, is the navigation that makes the difference.

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