Why #Fashion brands should stay away from #politics (and why they can’t)

Today neither #fashion nor #luxury can be managed with a light heart and mind.

The quest for cash and a greedy attitude transformed some #fashionbrands into ephemeral kingdoms. Subjects to much bigger (and smarter) empires.

Once upon a time an ambitious prince met in a wood a stunningly perfect, wealthy princess with a huge kingdom.

Sweet and tame was the girl and the prince saw her as an easy catch.

“You are mine!” said the greedy prince with the alpha male attitude.

“OK” replied the princess, who said “you are welcome in my house as you are awesome and charming” 

The flattered prince left everything behind for her and the promised crown. 

He moved to the castle.

Blinded by his avidity he didn’t notice those weird details such as too much hair on her body or her pointed ears.

He became fat and lazy. Clouded by plenty of food and drinks.

He was caught in the spider web.

Eager to sit on the throne he asked about the coronation date. 

The wolf took down its ladylike dresses and chained the prince.

“You are mine”, he said. From now on you will stay on the carpet close to the throne. 

And I will be your forever Master. 

Until (your) death do us apart.


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