Gianvito Rossi in its 10th year since the foundation of the Company reaches an amazing 84 million euros of turnover with a growth of +30% vs previous year.

In just a decade Gianvito has created a legendary brand in the same way his father Sergio did with Sergio Rossi in the late ’70s.

Gianvito Rossi creates shoes, especially stilettos and amazing boots, for real women as well as for celebrities. With little communication and marketing investment but with an obsession for impeccable shoes that magnify the allure of women, the brand conquered the most important retailers in the world (Bergdorf, Barneys, Harrods, and many others). Every woman is in love with Gianvito shoes.

Clean, classic and timeless sexy shapes, the most precious skins and the Italian savoir faire made of Gianvito collections a must-have among celebrities and top executives. Classy shoes with a twist, never too much, never too discreet they have also been recently chosen by Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton.

Gianvito started the brand from scratch but rich of his father Sergio experience and know-how as well as his own one at Sergio Rossi, he created a masterpiece of a brand which, in such a difficult decade, capitalized on their Italian savoir faire to create a successful company.

The strong relationship with key partners and the personal involvement of Gianvito in the creativity as well as in the business allowed this bold project to become one of the most amazing shoes specialists in the fashion industry.

While many other brands are struggling to survive, it’s great to see how a niche Italian brand is thriving in the world. Without monster marketing investments, conquering the hearts of the customers instead of the wallet of the media publishers. Bravo!

Gianvito Rossi is the living proof that a great vision, an obsession for the right product and the respect of the customer is the road to success.

Susanna Nicoletti is a Senior Marketing and Communications professional and advisor to the Fashion and Luxury industry.

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