In 2018 OTB, the group founded by Renzo Rosso and the owner of brands such as Diesel and Marni, revenues dropped of 3.2% to 1,439 billion euro.

Revenues in 2017 were 1,58 billion.

Group CEO Ubaldo Minelli said the company went through a voluntary reset phase in 2018 and it is due for some M&A soon, also involving 200 million euro investments in 3 years. The company will also open 180 stores in 2019 only.

Diesel brand alone weights 60% of the group turnover. And it’s struggling to find growth.

The US company branch filed for Chapter 11 in 2018.

It is unbelievable how such a (once) cool brand has gone through very challenging times when the biggest trend in these times is streetwear and Levi Strauss is seeing its successful revamp.

The recipe for a come back is not focusing the group on new M&A nor store openings.

It’s the revamp and the deep relaunch of a jewel like Diesel.

Stop and reboot.

#BrandStrategy is key.

It’s the only way a prestigious group can come back and thrive.

If Levi Strauss successfully started growing double digit, why can’t Diesel?

Cultural change is key.

#CultureMarketing can support the Strategy Reboot.

3 steps are crucial:

– Understand

– Strategize and Plan

– Exchange

Now or never


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