Yesterday I was at a fashion startup gathering at the Milan Piazza Gae Aulenti offices of Accenture (amazing view!).

And from the glass windows I could follow the procession of people waiting (from 8.30!) to enter the Nutella booth to taste the new Nutella cookies.

The power of Marketing.

Every day people are queuing to taste a product that they could easily prepare at home (take two cookies, spread Nutella and unite the two). How is that possible?

It’s good marketing and excellent branding. There is no secret recipe, the success of this teaser is due to the service that Nutella provides, not the product.

It’s the “we do it for you” attitude

In a time when people are quite sluggish, offering a service that makes things easier and quicker is an added value.

While doing it yourself you can choose your favorite cookie to match with the chocolate spread and you can decide how much to indulge, buying already made double biscuits means that you can eat them everywhere with no effort. On the go. At the desk.

Nutella says “I know you very well and I take care of you”

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