Nike wins it all…

A great inspirational, bold, exciting campaign featuring a modern renegade fighting for the values of a community.

An effective tagline still so powerful after 30 years “Just do it”.

The “Swoosh”.

Normal people celebrated like champions. Champions elevated to legends.

An evolving yet authentic and consistent Brand DNA Impactful visuals and copy speaking to the heart of loyal customers and to the youngest generations, modern yet timeless +31% of online sales reached after the campaign launch.

More than $163 million in revenue from media exposure. When Kaepernick twitted the ad, Nike received more than $43 million worth of media exposure in just one day, according to Apex .

Nike is the brand that conquered the sould, hearts and minds of 40% of the people exposed to the ad, with a 30% neutral and 30% negative.

Such an excellence in brand management, such a masterpiece strategy, such a powerful production.

This is the brand to study for all branding professionals and lovers.

Great moves full of soul.

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