Wrapping up the latest round of AW2019 fashion shows a trend comes up clear: no more Millennials obsession.

Following several seasons of quest for Millennials, fashion and luxury brands eventually realized that they are just one among several generations of customers and, yes, as we said  since the beginning of this story, a brand should talk to a wide group of customers, not focusing on age, skin colour and other discriminating factors.

Powerful brands such as HermèsValentinoCHANELLouis Vuitton always clearly had in mind that they do not need to capture a specific kind of audience, only.

There is no need to obsess on a customer generation because all customers are relevant.

High-end brands have created their own dream and imagery, an iconic storytelling rich of contents and epic moments.

“It’s like walking in a painting” said Queen Elizabeth to Karl Lagerfeld. Epic.

Magic is not a matter of generations. 

That’s why the most sought after bags in the world are the Hermès Kelly and the Birkin created many decades ago.

The 2.55 bag from Chanel is the go-to bag for every single chic girl or woman created by Coco Chanel herself in 1955.

When a brand is powerful there is no need to crazily pump the buzz

The Cool Factor is the Brand.

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