When it comes to saints, sacred images and holy themes there is no discussion.

Dolce and Gabbana take it all.

Since the beginning of their own history their inspiration came from the island of Sicily, its traditions and its rituals.

From the black guepière dress to the ex-voto embroideries, Dolce and Gabbana created collections genuinely inspired by the Catholic roots and its own symbols.

Taking a look at yesterday red carpet MET gala, the feeling was mixed.

On one side the brand that consistently proposed the theme in their collections since many years, from the Monreale mosaics to the Madonna di Guadalupe sacred images and on the other side some kind of bad taste examples of this style.

The Lana Del Rey dress as well as the Rihanna one were just some outfits that sounded like “too much” costumes than fashion stories.

Versace sponsorship took the spotlight but it didn’t fit so well.

It’s not enough to put an embroidered cross on a gold dress to make the best interpretation of the topic.

Dolce and Gabbana are the true ambassadors of this theme and surely deserved more space in the whole happening because of their creativity and superb savoir faire in their own outfits.

And because they genuinely love it

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