I recently visited the exhibition “Moda e Arte” (Fashion and Art) at the Museo Ferragamo in Florence.

I also attended the end of the year project presentations of the Fashion Product Management class at Polimoda.

I browsed around the beautiful building facing the Arno river of the fashion institute and had the chance to see some of the best project works exhibited in a showcase in the main building.

We speak about history and fashion museums and we also speak about young upcoming generations passionate about fashion.

I luckily found a fil rouge in all of this: Martin Margiela.

As per the Harriet Walker 2009 article on The Independent he is “out of sight, not out of mind”. And he still is 8 years after leaving the brand he founded.

Martin Margiela is a real genius who inspired and provoked the fashion world with discretion, kindness and understatement.

And he made a Revolution. A Silent Revolution.

His way of deconstructing clothes, on being protected by anonymity and on being deeply unconventional left a mark in the fashion world.

He made himself transparent in order to highlight his work, the items he created and his own world.

In an industry where the loudest you speak, the bigger the investments, the more maximalist the higher the visibility, Margiela fortunately continues to inspire the new generations.

Young fashion students approach critically the fashion world and its business, are very tough on many “young” and upcoming designers and brands and still go back to Margiela to breathe fresh air, to get energizing inspiration and to find an eldorado of ideas, concepts and innovations that is dramatically lacking in the industry now.

“I think I always look forward. But it is a nicer feeling for myself to go forward by looking backwards.” said Margiela to Suzy Menkes in 1994.

Top managers and company owners should do the same.

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