Louis Vuitton and the Michael Jackson affair

“Because I’m bad, I’m bad come on

You know I’m bad, I’m bad come on, you know

You know I’m bad, I’m bad come on, you know

And the whole world has to

Answer right now

Just to tell you once again

Who’s bad”

He told us. The world chose to ignore it.

There is much better than a troubled Peter Pan to get inspiration from, dear Virgil. Isn’t it?

There is much more epic somewhere else, isn’t it?

The muse of a collection can be a multi-faceted artist but this is a mistaken to learn from.

The world needs uplifting messages and empowering collections. It is more hard to please.

The fashion world needs to be more discerning.

Key lesson: Louis Vuitton doesn’t need to mess with merchandising of a sort of a pitiful mask.

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